High Performance Professional Air Purifiers with UV Technology for Air Sanitisation

Advanced Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd can now install both ceiling and wall mounted air sanitisation units in almost any room or building to assist in reducing the risks of airborne viruses by using the same technology that is used in hospitals, offices, nursing homes and other areas.

Ceiling-Mounted UV Air Sterilisation and Filtration Luminaire

This unique product has been developed in response to Covid. It is an invaluable tool which can be used in many areas to cleanse and eradicate airborne bacteria, virus microbes and other TVOV’s.

The recessed Air Sterilisation and Filtration Luminaire is designed to be used in a typical T bar suspended ceiling. It is a combined luminaire, UV air sanitiser and air filtration handling unit and can easily be substituted for other 598×598 panel luminaires or ceiling tiles.

The Luminaire is fabricated from new nanometre compound materials and the structure from powder coated mild steel, ABS polycarbonate and aluminium.

The illuminating surface panel is also created from nano material, measuring 465mm x 465mm set within the central part of the unit flanked by the inlet and outlet filtered screens. The illuminating panel is available in various colour temperatures including 3000K, 4000K, 5000K or 6000K, all at RA80 whilst providing 3600lm at 4000K.

The air processing is driven by a centrifugal fan with a low noise level of only <40dB whilst processing air at 240CFM. Air is drawn through the inlet screens housing special multi-layer non woven fabric filtration compound including an activated carbon layer to treat passing air before being re-expelled. The UV-sanitising source is integral to the internal structure of the unit within the airflow path. The filters require periodic replacement and are available as spares. Whilst the luminaire remains operational when filters reach end of efficient life, the air handling unit will shut down after 2160 hours until the filters are replaced and the unit is reset. The filter screens are retained by tool-less easy-access clip tabs.

The unit is designed to be equally practical as a retrofit or new installation and provides a multi-solution array to sterilise air in the fight against many bacteria and viruses including Covid.


Power: Nominal 36 Watt luminaire and 28 Watt fan unit

Overall Size: 598x598mm x 120mm max height

Lighting Area: 465x465mm

Lumen Output: 3600lm at 4000K

Voltage: AC 200-240V 50-60 Hz. Option of AC 90-140V 50-60Hz

Total Weight: 6.5Kg

Noise: 40dB

Throughput capacity: 240 cubic feet per minute.

FDA, EMC, LVD and SGS Certificated

CE and RoHS

Wall-Mounted UV Air Cleaner

The air cleaners of the UV-FAN series exploit the properties of germicidal ultraviolet lamps UV-C with emission peak at 235.7 nanometers to remove bacteria and viruses from the air we breathe. This technology has a strong germicidal power against all the microorganisms that may be present in the air and airborne, including Avian Flu Virus as H5N1, SARSinfluenzaHerpes, bacteria such as Legionella PneumophilaTBC but also Yeasts, Molds and Fungi.

The percentages of microbial reduction ranges from 99.99% for the bacteria and 99% for the virus, for every passage of the air inside the germicidal box.

UV-FAN can be used, always, even in the presence of people, thanks to the optical labyrinths which retain UV-C in its interior, to the silent fan and to its low energy consumption.

The possibility of continuously working, 24h/24, also allows the so called “air washing”, dropping gradually the microbial residue in the air, after few minutes from the start, until it reduces to negligible proportions.

Ceiling-Mounted UV Air Sterilisation and Filtration Luminaire Retrofit

  • Multi-stage air sanitization features HEPA-Carbon activated filtration with UV sanitisation
  • HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne pathogens as small as 0.3 μ while activated carbon reduces gases, odours and VOC from the air.
  • Troffer provides 800 ft³ of sanitising coverage and conducts four air changes per hour (50cfm) for a 10 x 10 x 8 ft space.
  • Advanced control features via proprietary Bluetooth wireless switch enable fan speed adjustments and dimming capabilities for general illumination.
  • Choice of GoodDay 4000K/5000K, GoodNight 2700K or Standard 3000K.
  • UV LED are safe to use without hazardous material and waste disposal concerns of a low pressure mercury UV lamp.
  • For optimal sanitisation performance, the manufacturer recommends replacing carbon/HEPA filter every 6 months and UV LED replacement recommended every 6 to 12 months depending on usage.


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